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Growing up as a young girl in Ghana, I would stand in front of the mirror every day, speaking great things to myself and imagining all the wonderful places that I wanted to be. I saved money to buy magazines, cut out beautiful pages and put them on the walls in our house, that was my VISION BOARD.


I encountered several challenges in my childhood and even dropped out of the university, however, one thing that did not change was my believe in myself. 

I always knew that there was something unique and special about me, I knew I wanted the best in life and I was going to achieve those things one day, I didn't know how, only God had the plan. 

Fast forward, looking back at my life now from how it started and how it's going, I can proudly say that I have achieved a lot of the milestones on my vision board. 

If you are reading this, I want you to know that your situation can change, but it would only change when you believe in yourself and also believe in the God who has the plan to guide you. 

I have decided to share my motivation and inspiration with the rest of the world and I know that you are on this page because you are also  searching for that spark in your own life. 

Thank you for following and joining my community. 


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YOU ARE GOLD (Gold is Golden because it will always survive the Fire)

Glory be to God Almighty, who gave me this message to share with the world, believe me or not you are pure Gold in the ground, and just like Gold, no matter where you come from or where you are, or where you have been, you are a priceless and valuable piece and anyone who does not recognize your goldenness lacks insight, BE GOLDEN AND BE YOU.

To my challenges, thank you for giving me the experience and pushing me this far, you are part of my story today, the reason I am Gold.

Lily Kudzro

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